BUYUKBAYRAM ARMS,which was established as the export department of SA-KA silah(ARMS) Company that has been producing different models for leading firearm companies in Turkey and in the World,is now awailable with it’s products in different continents. we have manufactured and exported more than 500.000 pcs of guns on behalf of these world wide leading firearm companies.

as being the best the pump action shotgun manufacturer in Turkey, we are planning to reach to almost all countries in forthcoming months and years with brands ” SA-KA” “H.BUYUKBAYRAM”,“SAKA POINTER” and “SİNSİNATİ”. We hope you will have the opportunity to see and test our products soon. we would be pleased to see you among us

The products that we have been manufacturing and exporting mostly are: :
Pump Action Shotguns, (12 GA, 20 GA)
Semi Automatic Shotguns, 12 GA, Kinetic)
Single Barrel Shotguns (Ejector&Non-EjectorSystem)
Over&under shotguns(Ejector&Non-ejectorsystem)


The SA-KA SİLAH(ARMS) Company was organized in 1993 by Hüseyin BUYUKBAYRAM in Konya / Beyşehir / Üzümlü. Our foundation has been settled on an open area of 5000 m2 covered area of our facilities is 4000 m2 and with more than 100 experienced gun smiths and with CNC techonologies,laser, cad/cam, solidworks system and with the most advanced tools and equipment of our day,at high quality and standards various,shotguns and sports guns are manufactured and sold to many countries in the world.

Our quality policy as SA-KA Silah(ARMS) is to manufacture high quality goods, deliver to the customer on due time, give after sales service and provide continuously high level customer satisfaction.
We always commit ourselves to produce the quality and in high quality and to offer,shotguns and sportguns conforming to the world standarts.

Beyşehir Bilgisayar